Purple Gallinule – A Closer Look

The Purple Gallinule is a favorite bird of ours. The Purple Gallinule inhabits freshwater marshes and is classified as an endangered species. In our area of Florida, Purple Gallinules can be found year-round. We can locate these birds because of their preference for water lilies and floating vegetation. These creatures have large feet because they prefer to walk rather than swim.

These non-migratory birds are present in southern Florida, Central America, the Gulf and Pacific coasts of Mexico, the Caribbean, and parts of Central America during the breeding season. They are mostly distributed in southern Florida, the Gulf and Pacific coasts of Mexico, and parts of Central America during the non-breeding season. They may also be found in parts of South America during spring migration, and strays have been observed as far north as Canada.

Purple Gallinule. Olympus E-M1X, Zuicko 300mm f/4 Pro w/1.4x extender (840mm FF), ISO 400, 1/1600th shutter, @ f5.6




















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