Your Guides

Philip Lintereur

Philip Lintereur is the son of wildlife Biologist LeRoy Lintereur noted for his conservation of wildlife and study of Ornithology. He grew up with a rich education in wildlife conservation. He also has an engineering degree and has worked at the Kennedy Space Center for 35 + years on Space Lab, International Space Station, Commercial Crew, and now the Artemis Program.  

Lintereur is currently finishing his State Certification in Professional Photography. His goal is to take what he has learned from his knowledge of wildlife, his technical skills, and his professional photography knowledge and break it down so that anyone can learn to use a camera to get outstanding photos while escorting people to the areas where they can find the wildlife they want to see.  

David Simpson

David was born and raised in Brevard County Florida. With mentors like Helen Cruickshank and Johnnie Johnson and over 36 years in the field, it’s no wonder that he has become one of Florida’s premier birders.

David has been leading birding tours in Florida for over 30 years, starting as a teenager leading field trips for his local Audubon chapter. He has led many Dry Tortugas and South Florida birding tours.

He led tours for 12 years as a state park-ranger, and for as many years for the Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival. And, he’s done private guiding throughout the state for years. He was for many years a Florida eBird reviewer and is currently a regional coordinator for the ongoing Florida Breeding Bird Atlas II Project.

Dee Fairbanks Simpson

Dee Fairbanks Simpson is an avid birder, writer, artist, and Florida Master Naturalist. She is the creative force behind Birding with David Simpson, developing the classes that the couple teach. Designed to be both informational and fun, these classes often feature her handcrafted props and puppets.

Dee is also the author and photographer for a daily educational blog that pairs short rhymes with photographs of the flora and fauna in Florida. In addition, Dee has written and produced several short films about nature and birds, some of which have been showcased at film festivals and all are available to view online.