The Florida Master Naturalist Program

Dee Fairbanks Simpson, one of our talented tour guides, is also a Florida Master Naturalist!

Founded in 2001, the Florida Master Naturalist Program (FMNP) is a University of Florida-developed adult education program. Individuals seeking to increase their knowledge about Florida’s environment, earn educational contact hours, or contribute to environmental education programs as volunteers, employees, or ecotourism guides can all benefit from FMNP training.

The Florida Master Naturalist Program (FMNP) aims to educate the public about Florida’s natural environment. The FMNP provides those who educate others about Florida’s distinct ecosystems and wildlife with the knowledge they need to share their knowledge with others. Through science-based information and interpretation techniques, the FMNP teaches those who teach others about Florida’s environment. FMNP graduates then share their knowledge and promote principles of sustainability, connectivity, and biodiversity in order to assist others in understanding and respecting Florida’s natural world as a community to which we all belong.

Click here to learn more about the Florida Master Naturalist Program. By educating more people about Florida’s natural resources, we can better protect them for future generations to enjoy.

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